Disabling secure boot in BIOS for simper installation of Nvidia's drivers

Hello, another quick one - I installed with secure boot turned on in the BIOS but I’m reading in here that secure boot is like ‘security theatre’ and not that useful. I do understand it complicates things with needing signed kernel modules etc.

I’m going to be installing the closed source Nvidia drivers and GFX compute stuff and would like to keep things simple to avoid future pitfalls when changing video cards and so on.

I know the creation of the keys and so on is handled automatically when installing the Nvidia drivers as I tried it previously but it all looks rather complex and I’d rather avoid problems if possible - or is secure boot worth the effort?

Can / should I turn off secure boot now - will the existing installation ‘mind’ or would it be tidier to reinstall?

I’m not dual booting Windows or running super critical stuff, this is a home system.

Yes, you can, just disable it in BIOS setup. It is up to you to decide whether you should.

Up to you. If you run Windows probably gourd to have it on. But I question need on Linux only systems