Disabling KTorrent clearing the clipboard upon exitting it?

Okay, this is really getting on my nerves. How do I disable kwrite from clearing the clipboard after it’s closed?

For example, I open a file coffee.java and then copy its contents, close the file, go to another program and try to paste it… and nothing!
Even lost some work like that by cutting out a bit of the file, closing it and trying to paste it into file.

I have the clipboard application that used to show up in the system tray disabled.
Using openSUSE 11.2 ms7 / KDE 4.3
It defaulting the redo hotkey to ctrl+shift+z is annoying as well in my opinion as every other app is using ctrl+y

Uff, should be kwrite in the title… not ktorrent. Freudian slip, posted in a topic about ktorrent before posting this one.
If any admin happens to stumble upon it, please do fix my mistake :slight_smile: