disabling keyring prompts for wlan

how can i disable keyring password prompt for network manager only, i am using autologon session…

do not you have this issue? am i alone

stwooe wrote:
> do not you have this issue? am i alone

What issue? I couldn’t find your thread.

At the moment, KNM for 11.0 is not integrated with KWallet, the way it
was in 10.3. As a result, any network “secrets” are stored in plain
text. That has been reported inn a Bugzilla entry and supposedly will
be fixed.


this problem is still unsolved for me, any workaround?

I had the same problem… I did the following:

Goto the control panel, click Network Connections, open the tab Wireless, Select you’re wireless network and click edit.

Then enable the “Connect Automaticly” option (under connection name)

Also enable “Available to all users”. It’s next to the cancel button.

Now apply the changes and reboot… Hope it works!

I’m using OpenSuSe 11.1, Gnome.

I’m suffering from the same issue but,
I’m using openSuSE 11.1 with KDE 4.2 and I don’t have
‘Available to all users’ option.
The only other option that I have is ‘System Connection’
but it is gray and I can’t click it.