Disabling KDE Window transparency

openSUSE 12.3, KDE 4.10

I’m trying to disable all translucency effects. I thought could be achieved by disabling the desktop effect, however my window decorations are still trasparent which is rather annoying. Does disabling translucency affect window decorations or is it suppose to have a universal effect?

I probably misunderstood the question.

I have desktop effects disabled, and I am not seeing any transparency of window decorations. But maybe when desktop effects are disabled, you have to logout and login again before the change is fully effective.

Sorry, I noticed a typo in my original question. In short does disabling the desktop effect traslucent also apply to window decorations? I’ve logging out and back and It’s still there. To be more specific it’s the window title bar.

I suspect that you will find that window decorations are determined by System Settings>Workspace appearance>Window decorations and that the way forward is to install a different style.

I tried and it doesn’t work. Unless every decoration I used has a transparent window title bar.

what happens if you turn off desktop effects entirely?
Also have a look at the desktop effects / all effects / transparency. It has a settings button.

If the problem persists, you may consider setting the plasma settings back to default (i.e. remove them, so that new defaults will be generated).

Disabling all effects stopped the transparency.

Would the command below reset the plasma settings to default?

rm -rf .kde/share/config/plasma-*

No. On openSUSE, KDE4’s settings are in ~/.kde4 so the line should be:

rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-*

But: Plasma has nothing to do with the window decorations, so this won’t help you!
I think there are some special transparency settings either in “Configure Desktop”->“Workspace Appearance”->“Window Decorations” or in “Applications Appearance”. I’m not sure right now where they are. I will have a look in the evening…

If you don’t want to wait that long, you could try to remove ~/.kde4/share/config/kwinrc, that’s where those things should be stored IIANM.

Sorry, that’s wrong.
I guess you mixed that up with the plasma panel’s transparency? :wink:

Thanks! I’ll wait.

Plasma can have nasty side effects on window decorations. Haven’t seen any lately on my own systems, but I’m sure I’ve seen them.

OK, I had a look now.
But that setting is not there anymore, sorry! :shame:
It was there in earlier KDE versions, I don’t play around with the settings as I used to… :wink:

Now this is configurable in “Configure Desktop”->“Desktop Effects”->“All Effects”. Search for the “Transparency” effect. Click on the wrench symbol, you can change the transparency of the window decorations there.
At least that’s the only way I can get my window decorations to be transparent.

If that doesn’t help, try to remove kwinrc as I said before.

Or, maybe, Knurpht IS right and you should remove the plasma settings.
But you should quit plasma before by running “kquitapp plasma-desktop”.
You can restart it again afterwards with “plasma-desktop”.

PS: you can just rename the files, so you can get them back if a try doesn’t work. :wink:

I have “Translucency” and “Blur” both disable. Before disabling I set the opacity to 100% for each. Tried the plasma-desktop route last night which didn’t help so I’ll try deleting kwinrc now.


Solution: Removing kwinrc from .kde4/share/config where I just renamed the file with

mv kwinrc kwinrccopy

Thanks to both Knurpht and wolfi323.