Disabling IPv6 fails


Trying to completely disable IPv6 on opensuse 11.2.

As su in shell I did “echo ‘install ipv6 /bin/true’ > /etc/modprobe.d/ipv6” and reboot the system. However when testing with ifconfig “inet6 addr” still shows … Internet connection was automatically created during OS install. Also disabling with yast/network devices/network setting fails.

Since 11.2, you have to disable it by adding ipv6.disable=1 as a boot option.



I forgot to mentioned before that this also failed, but I’ll see what else is there …

IPv6 still shows “ifconfig” I guess it stays for now :\

The ipv6 module is built in to the kernel now, so blacklisting the module doesn’t work anymore. When I use the boot option I get only inet addr. Without the boot option I get inet addr and inet6 addr. I know it works. I would undo everything you have done up until this point and just try the boot option. Go to Yast>Boot Loader and copy/paste this


into the kernel boot options (bottom box) and try ifconfig again after a reboot.


Thanks for the help, it worked I just had to undo couple of things first, now when running ifconfig “inet6 addr” is not there :slight_smile: