Disabling Bluetooth icon completely from systray on KDE

My Bluetooth adapter is switched off and I don’t ever use it. But the Bluetooth icon is taking up space in the Status and Notifications list when clicking the arrow next to the system tray. I’ve set it to Always hidden which is why it goes into this list, but I want to remove it even from this list as it’s just clutter and makes other more useful things on the list harder to access.

When I right click and Configure System Tray, it says “Bluetooth (Automatic Load)” in the Hardware category. How do I prevent this automatic load, and thus disable this icon from appearing?

I doubt that it will make much difference, except cosmetically. It is probably using only minimal resources.

Checking my desktop, there is no bluetooth icon in the tray. That’s probably because I don’t have any bluetooth hardware on this system.

You might be able to get the same result by disabling bluetooth in your BIOS settings.

Checking my laptop, there is no bluetooth icon in the tray. That is likely because I uninstalled “bluez” and then tabooed it so that it would not be installed in the future. I did that because something was looping, and uninstalling seemed to prevent that.

Possibly, just disabling the “bluetooth” service is sufficient for what you want. But I have not tried that.

right next to where it says “automatic load” there is a dropdown box.
Select either, “always hidden” or “disable”

Thanks, that Disable was exactly what I was looking for.