Disabling Auto-Installation

Hi all,

I am having a trouble with my Leap duo some software update.
This week I had to reinstall Leap three times because after a ‘mandatory’ update my laptop was crashing during the boot (it hanged and the capslock light was blinking).
Now I have it reinstalled and while I request to install Docky, Yast and Zypper are trying to force me to install a bunch of other softwares, what I don’ t want to do.
So how to install only what I want using Zypper or Yast?

Also, does someone else had problem after update those ‘mandatory’ packages?

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In YaST > Software Management, when you Right-Click on a package, there is a choice: Protect - do not change.


man zypper

search for the chapter on Package Locks Management

If you include

solver.onlyRequires = true

in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf you will not have suggested or recommended packages foisted upon you, only required packages. This is best done at installation time in the YaST software menu under “Dependencies” deselecting “Install Recommended Packages”.

Something like the following?