Disabling ATI Redeon 6630 in BIOS; switchable graphics Intel 3000+ATI redeon 6630

I am new to this forum. I searched the web and I couldn’t find satisfying solution to my problem for last 1 year; shifted to diff distributions … so I’m asking for your advice.
My Laptop configuration : Thinkpad Edge E520, Intel® Core i5 Processor i5-2410M; Intel 3000 + ATI redeon HD 6630 dual grapics; 6GB RAM.

Since I have not found proper drivers in internet , I “Disabled” Switchable graphics and also “Disabled” OS (operating system) to detect switchable graphics in BIOS options of my laptop. After that I installed openSUSE 12.3. I expected that OS should detect only Intel 3000 but not ATI Readion Graphics card this time. After completion of installation, my laptop again getting heated/ Fan is rotating faster based on my observation.

Could any experts out there … please advice me by answering
Q1. Any standard Application/Tools out there to measure Fan speed,Chip heat, efficiency etc ??
(Does the problem really about Graphics drivers or some thing else )
Q2. My Laptop model is listed in openSUSE Hardware compatible List, even though I am facing problem. Should I believe openSUSE HCL ?

waiting for your valuable reply.