Disabled zypper dup and Yast --> Software Management after Snapshot 20181219

After updating to snapshot 2018129, zypper dup hangs without an error message; I have to ctrl-C to return to the terminal prompt. Yast → Software Management also hangs.

Restoration to snapshot 20181218 makes everything right again. I always use zypper dup to update in Tumbleweed.

My problems may be related to those described in:


but struck me as different enough to warrant a separate post. FWIW, the 20181218 to 20181219 update includes updates to zypper and yast packages.

Everything works from me, maybe in the last update that required to solve some dependencies, you did not choose the right option!

20181219 installed smoothly on one of my machines 3,200+ packages. “zypper ref -f && zypper dup” is worth a trial.

First: thank you, enziosavio and karlmistelberger, for your responses.

This problem has been fixed, and I can only scratch my head on why and how it occurred in the first place.

I keep a virtual Tumbleweed machine on disk for testing purposes, and decided to zypper dup this VM to the 20181219 snapshot to see if it would suffer similar symptoms. It didn’t. I shrugged, decided to try again on the bare metal install, and again zypper dup’d from 20181218 to 20181219.

The second time must have been the charm. Now everything works. No hangs in zypper dup, no hangs in Yast → Software Management. I did nothing differently. Perhaps Christmas hating pixies were at work, and Santa came to my rescue. <g>