disabled incompatible firefox extensions

i have firefox 8 opensuse 12.1
how can i remove opensuse firefox extension, its disabled right now and i dont know what it does when its enabled nor if i need it.

trackerfox is also disabled and no remove option

Hello diablo1,

The SUSEfox extension is in the MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE package.
By removing this package you’ll remove the extension but also some bookmarks, openSUSE Software Search, etc…

How did you install this extension?

Good luck!:wink:

To see the packages on your system containing the word firefox, open a terminal and type:

zypper se -is firefox

I haven’t upgraded to Firefox 8 yet, but on my lap these packages were listed:

S | Name                               | Type    | Version      | Arch | Repository       
i | MozillaFirefox                     | package | 7.0.1-2.1.2  | i586 | openSUSE-12.1-Oss
i | MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE   | package | 5.0-7.3.1    | i586 | openSUSE-12.1-Oss
i | MozillaFirefox-translations-common | package | 7.0.1-2.1.2  | i586 | openSUSE-12.1-Oss
i | tracker-miner-firefox              | package | 0.12.5-3.4.1 | i586 | openSUSE-12.1-Oss

My two cents would be that MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE and tracker-miner-firefox would be those two extensions and can be removed either through YaST or issuing this command (as root)

zypper rm MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE tracker-miner-firefox

You could also consult Mozilla’s own help pages here.

both extensions were in there. either they were in there from opensuse 12.1 or when i updated to firefox 8. i didnt install either
you cant even enable trackerfox so not sure why its installed.
is there a conflict and is it safe to remove trackerfox?

I removed trackerfox, and it was the only package that was removed. I think it allows tracker to index your bookmarks, or something like that. But it wasn’t even compatible with Firefox 7, which comes with 12.1, so I removed it and locked it to prevent it from installing again. I honestly don’t think I will experience any issues over it. Should be pretty safe.

ill probably remove it from yast next time on opensuse but how did you lock it?


back_space is correct on all of the above instructions except you should use this command using a terminal application (terminal, Konsole, ect) instead:
sudo zypper rm tracker-miner-firefox
type in your root (administrator) password when prompted after the command — as this is the extension that you want to remove, alternately you can use:
type in your root password
zypper rm tracker-miner-firefox
go to applications menu → settings → Install/Remove Software (Package Manager)
type in tracker in the search box and hit enter
and remove the tracker-miner-firefox application

This will not do damage to your operating system at all. All it does is remove the TrackerFox extension.

For uninstalling and removing unwanted extension and disabling incompatible firefox extensions ou need to:

  1. Firstly Launch the Firefox and press “Alt-T” to bring up the Tools menu.
  2. Then Click on the “Add-ons” on the Tools menu to open the Add-ons Manager.
  3. Then you need to Click on the “Extensions” tab to load a list of installed extensions.
  4. Then you need to Click on the disabled, incompatible extension that you would like to remove.
  5. Then Click the “Remove” button associated with the extension.
  6. Then Click on the “Restart Now” if prompted. Firefox restarts itself, finalizing the removal of the extension.