Disable wake on usb


I have found some threads how to enable wake on usb (like this - http://forums.opensuse.org/forums/english/get-technical-help-here/install-boot-login/459820-wake-usb-opensuse-11-4-a.html), but I want to DISABLE it. Currently I use workstation and any key on the usb keyboard wakes computer from sleep.

Workstation is openSUSE 11.4 32 bit, has ASUS mb M4A88T-M, in the BIOS power option S3 is enabled and there is no option to disable wake on USB (everything else is disabled).

http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6502/73339514.21/0_73b5d_8e73a08c_M.jpg http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6501/73339514.21/0_73b5c_90f9099d_M.jpg

> cat /proc/acpi/wakeup
Device  S-state   Status   Sysfs node
PCE2      S4    *disabled
PCE3      S4    *disabled
PCE6      S4    *disabled
PCE7      S4    *disabled
PCE9      S4    *disabled
PCEA      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:0a.0
RLAN      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:02:00.0
SBAZ      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:14.2
PS2K      S4    *disabled  pnp:00:07
P0PC      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:14.4
UHC1      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:12.0
UHC2      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:12.1
UHC3      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:12.2
USB4      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:13.0
UHC5      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:13.1
UHC6      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:13.2
UHC7      S4    *disabled  pci:0000:00:14.5

I have tried Windows 7 on the same machine - it also wakes up by pressing any key. But after disabling the feature “Wake on usb” in the power options of Windows - machine no longer wakes up from keyboard. So this issue is related to OS, not to BIOS.

How do I disable wake on USB in openSUSE 11.4?


Upgraded to 12.1 and issue no longer reproducible