Disable the PC speaker

I know this has been asked many times before, but I’m still not satisfied with any answers that have been given. All I want to do is simply disable the PC speaker completely in openSUSE 11.0.

xset b off
xset b 0 0 0
setterm -blength 0

…are not what I’m looking for.

set bell-style none

…in inputrc is not going to cut it, either.

I happen to like the soft bell that KDE pipes through my sound card (“real” speakers). I want to keep that. What I want to stop is the odd application/error that causes the sound to route through the PC speaker. Why is this so **** difficult? How hard could it be to separate the pcspkr module a la Debian/Ubuntu?

So, I’m guessing no one will be able to help me but I’ve been surprised before.

Is there any way I can disable the PC speaker (but not disable all “bells”) in openSUSE 11.0?

Install “Alsa Mixer”; logout, login; open Alsa Mixer; Mute the PC speaker & set all the rest to suit yourself:)

Maybe I’m missing something, then.

The “alsamixer” tool doesn’t allow me to control the PC speaker at all. Please elaborate.

> The “alsamixer” tool doesn’t allow me to control the PC speaker at all.

hmmmmm…neither can i (on SuSE 10.3)…if ‘snakedriver’ can and we
can’t maybe his soundboard driver allows that, and ours does not ???

mine is an on-motherboard SiS SI7012…yours? snakedrivers?

i do notice that kmix has a volume slider for “PCSpeaker”, and a
(graphical) LED which can be clicked bright or dim…have you played
with that??


setterm -blength 0

THX. Was searching for that command for ages :slight_smile:

There is no PC speaker entry in my KMix.


Any other ideas here?

If your PC is a desktop, unplugging the speaker always works.:smiley:

Have you tried the KDE Control Center | Sound & Multimedia | System Bell dialog?

Are yuo sure there’s no PC Speaker in KMix? Fire up the mixer and right-click will list all the channels with tick boxes. Just because you can’t see it in KMix doesn’t mean you can’t hear it.

Master Mono in kmix did the trick for me, i had to go to settings and configure settings