Disable the login sound

I have openSUSE 11.1 with KDE4 desktop environment loaded. Is there any way to disable the sound that plays when you first login? I got to the sysconfig editor and under soundcard I see SOUNDFONT_FILES. I tried to put a no and hit ok but that doesn’t seem to work. If it is possible please let me know.

Have a look here


Thanks a ton. It took me a minute to find out exactly where that was. lol.
I am new to this Linux stuff but I like it lot. Tired of that windows world where everything is set in stone.
I am appreciative for the help.

I know this is an old topic, but thanks for this help topic, and the answer.

It took me a while to arrive here. I know how to accomplish this behavior using Gnome but not KDE 4.3.