Disable or hide samba Logon Drive

When samba is configured as a PDC one option is Logon Drive if you omit this option the default is Z: then when the client connects he has a Z: network drive available which is his home drive in the samba server, I dont want this to happens, in some scenarios users are limited to specific shares, located in a RAID or an extra drive, so they dont need a share pointing to their home folder in the server, their documents will be stored locally since the roaming profiles has been disabled leaving blank the option "logon path = ", is it possible?, I did it using a login script with the command net use z: /delete but it as for user confirmation, it doesnt matter if the user has access to his home folder through network neighbourhood but I dont want the drive letter to appears, is it possible to set up in the smb.conf instead of the login script?

Is this logon drive required by samba?