Dirty PC's!!!

Just ran across this link by accident. Makes me want to break out the compressed air. It is unbelievable how dirty some people let their PC’s get. Filthy PCs: The X-rated circus of horrors • The Register

I get lazy sometimes when it comes to cleaning my machines, but this is an eye-opener. Time to get out the spray can.

That is certainly very bad, but not the worst I have ever seen.

Many moons ago, around 1999, I was called to a post office near where I worked in Austin because the HVAC automation system had stopped working. The system was alleged to be one of ours, but I never even knew they had a control system there. When I went in and told them who I was, I was told the system was in the attic. Wow I thought, what a place of honor it has. I went up the stairs, it was a little more than you have at home, but the light still had a pull string on it. Low and behold, I found an original IBM PC sitting on a desk. It was very warm to the touch. I turned it off, surveyed the cables and pulled the cover. What I saw I could not believe, but you could no longer see any components on the motherboard, just a pile of dust a couple of inches think. I was amazed it had not burned up. I took it outside and blew out the dirt which was considerable. I went to the office and created two new 5.25" floppy disks as I had no copies like that with me. After cleaning and two new disks, it booted right up and allowed me to create a new database. I actually went back two years later and replaced the front end as the DOS it used was not Y2K ready.

As best as I can tell, that IBM PC computer ran for at least 15 years and never died.

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I just opened my case and it looks fine. There is however some dust.
But some of the pictures made me puke. So naughty really. uhhh…

I clean mine pretty regularly. Just cleaned my parents’ computer, though, and it was nasty! Also gave their heatsink a nice new round of thermal grease.

WARNING, do not open that link just after lunch/dinner.

Now I am eatting a cake. It is disgusting. Fortunatelly because I am mad with cleaning all my computer machines are clean.

Tom’s Hardware has their own collection. #2 is my favorite. 001 Image / Picture

#2 looks strangely familiar to me.

bliah… Desgusting.


Before I retired I had occasion to open several thousand well used PCs, and I can tell you that I’ve seen far worse that any of those (ex. maybe Stamos’ photo, yech). Generally I found that the dirtyest ones had been left sitting on the floor, and the worst of those were the ones left sitting on carpet.

The very worst case I ever saw was a business that ground and polished Granite slabs for custom counter tops. In that situation I had to establish a protocol that required each PC be taken outdoors BEFORE being opened and blown out with a compressed air line. In the winter, when the buildings were closed up, that had to be done every month. (I often wondered about the employees lungs) I never had to worry about the protocol being followed once the employees realized that the PC that was most prone to overheating was the one that processed the payroll checks;).

Tip: If you have to locate your PC on the floor you can dramatically reduce the amount of dust that’ll get sucked in by simply raising it a couple of inches or so off the floor. If there’s nothing else around to use put a couple of old books under it. You’d be amazed how much less dust you’l find next time you do a cleaning.