DirectAdmin for OpenSUSE?

I’m planning on running DirectAdmin on OpenSUSE 11.3 but I couldn’t find anything about it.

So my question is if anyone actually has done it before… with good results preferably.

Well as you probably have already found out, openSUSE is not a supported system:

DirectAdmin – Installation

So I don’t think you will have much luck. But you really should ask the company, since this is proprietary software.

Thanks, yes I already expected this answer but just wanted to have my hunch confirmed and, have to admit, had certain hopes.
I’m still in doubt if we should try and get it to run on OpenSUSE…just for experimental’s sake or install CentOS.

Other servers, desktops and laptops running on OpenSUSE though.

please answer this:

What benefit does DirectAdimin have over the open source WebMin
<> except for your familiarity with DirectAdmin
and willingness/company budget to pay?

and are the benefits of DirectAdmin enough for you to want to continue
paying and/or not learn a FOSS administration package…

and, please don’t miss the point that WebMin runs on the server
(including openSUSE) and NO client is required on the Admin’s
computer…in fact, you can admin using any browser anywhere…even
while on vacation in a far corner of earth, in an Internet Cafe (or
free wifi in Starbucks Paris, Rome, etc…if you take you netbook
with you)

ps: i’ve never used WebMin and have do connection with that
community…but, friends say is works GREAT!

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I only took a quick look but I got the impression that DirectAdmin is something different from webmin, it’s a web based admin tool for managing LAMP sites where you can delegate some things to the customer and the customer can also delegate some things further down. I think it’s in the same class of software as cPanel.

ken yap wrote:
> I only took a quick look

hmmmm…i only took a quick look also, but it seems you saw/understood
more than i did and after a longer look i agree, WebMin won’t do what
s/he needs…

sorry h0mp…thanks Ken…

When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
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