Direct X10 Support for Linux drivers

personaly i would keep my XP install IF you might like to play some games

games that are only DX10 at the moment rarely happen

cedega and Wine and CrossOver only support DX9

so most games will work just like thy do in my XP install but sooner or later some games are only going to be DX 10
and i hope people will pettision and pay for DX10 support in Wine and Cedega and or CrossOver

the easyest access point is to allow hardware accsess to the directX Support layer of the hardware and access the additional funtions as part of OpenGL 3 >:)

pass round the fight its up to all the linux community to get games working for us if there is no realistic place to fund linux versions of games

i am sorry
but can I ask you did you undersatand difference between directX and openGL? are you working proffesional on developing games with dX9-10 and openGL 2.x?

iMHO only directX is does not help in delivery games to Linux… they also should program in something different then M$ VS 2008…

but they did not want change this… more probably that opensource community make something like plugin to VS that will complile linux applications… :slight_smile: this really can change situation…

in addition
DirectX 10 vs OpenGL 2.1 Graphics - WinMatrix
i like this compare…

directX have a rest…

You can’t compare DirectX with OpenGL.

Direct 3D <=> OpenGL
Direct X <=> OpenGL + SDL + lot of stuff.

then support SDL as standard it rocks and interfaces with open GL well providing a good basis for a GL accellerated desktop
and place to support direct layer manipulation

Can someone tell me how/where to get dx 9.0 c for 64 bit ?