direct rendering only as root

whith Opensuse11 and ATI 8.5 drivers output of glxinfo when logged in as root is “direct rendering: Yes”.
when logged in as user the output is “direct rendering: No”.

When root runs fgl_glxgears it works, as user it dosn’t.

where is the problem? what can I do?
why can only root use direct rendering?

Thanks for the replies.


Either you dont have those lines in /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Section “DRI”
Group “video”
Mode 0660

or your user account doesn’t include the group video.

thanks for reply!
the problem is , the user is a domain-user and i don’t know how to add to a local group.

but with local users it works.

any hints?



Section “DRI”
Group “video”
Mode 0666

it worked

thanks for help!

Yes, but setting permisssion to 666 for group video breaks
your security! Be warned.