Dingbat character not displaying or printing

I am trying to view and print a PDF from third party .
I normally use okular as my PDF viewer

It has a checkmark character in it, I suspect a Zaphdingbat since I see zaphdingbat listed on the PDF Properties-FONT listing as not embedded.

I now realize I have seen this issue recently with some other PDFs, did not recognize the issue, just went back to my Windows VM.

Okular shows the following mapping: ZapfDingbats Type 1 /usr/share/fonts/truetype/arial.ttf which probably explains the lack of display.

Looking at my installed fonts, I don’t find any checkmark characters.
LibreOffice does have one, from an internal(?) OpenCharacter font.
When Libreoffice outputs a PDF, it embeds the font so it does display OK in Okular.

Has anyone solved this?

I am guessing the root cause is licensing rights, etc.

You could try installing “ZapfDingbats” to ~/.local/share/fonts

The font is available here: https://www.wfonts.com/font/zapfdingbats

… but I don’t know if that will solve your problem, probably worth a try though :wink:

Thanks, most of my Googling led me to believe this was locked up tight Int Prop, but I did as you suggested and downloaded/installed.

I can use the font in LibreOffice, but as of yet have not found a way to get Okular to see it.’

I did try logout/login to restart Plasma, next will be a reboot.

Thanks for the quick response

See here in the German subforum:

Thanks for the reference, my German is 50+ years out of date but the suggestions are rather clear.

I did get the font and after install I do see the proper file being referenced for the redirection on okular, yet still no display of the suspected dingbat character.
I am now thinking there is more to it than just the font.

This is a once a year file, I have a solution called Win10 in a VM, I think I’ll settle for that for now.