digitalization of video from Canon camcorder

I have Canon camcorder with USB cable, Canon doesn´t have driver for linux users at its web pages. Please help me. Is there any solution to digitalize video? Sorry for my English.

I do not have a camcorder, but I am thinking of purchasing one (together with a new PC) this Christmas and hence I am curious as to the resolution of this question.

I note that firewire users (IEEE1394) typically use kino and dvgrab, but I don’t think those packages support USB.

Is there any chance you can mount your camcorder storage like you would a hard drive, and copy your video files that way?

If it is uvc compliant, you could try a uvc driver:
Linux UVC driver & tools

Another possibility is using v4l: - Video for Linux (v4l) Resources
v4l-tools and v4l-conf come with openSUSE (and can be found on the webpin site). For example, for openSUSE-11.0: Webpin

Hopefully a user with a Canon camcorder (and USB interface) will chime in as to their method.

Thanks, I will try all ÿou are suggesting me. May be, a firewire cable could solve my problem.

The easiest way is using a firewire (IEEE1394) and kino.
I am using a canon also. The only way I can use the usb is when copying the photos from the card to the hard drive. If you have found a way of using the usb to copy the video to your hard drive please post the work around because searching with google on this issue yield empty for me sometime ago.

I tried transferring video over usb from my old camcorder six months ago, because the firewire card inside it had died. Long story short, the answer is no.

I searched for a few days, and couldn’t find anything that would do it in Linux. All video from a standard camcorder (not video taken from a camera, or phone, or something) needs firewire.

Thanks a lot. If I will find a way to get the video from camcorder via USB, than I let you know here.

I found this how to for a canon HF10. Not sure if it is applicable to other models (but one can try). Now, I’m not fortunate enough to own a camcorder yet, so this is 3rd party info. It is currently on my wishlist… :slight_smile:

It seems that the camcorder can behave like a camera, or usb stoarge device, depending on the mode it is in when connected to the usb interface. If the camera is put in ‘View pcture mode’ then it can be mounted, allowing both still picures and movies can be accessed from particular directories within the device.

It would be good to test this with various usb-connected camcorders, and report back here with the results. Maybe a camcorder wiki could follow.

Thanks for that link.

I had thought that might be possible. … interesting to read the article.

I think thats an excellent idea … we just need the contributors.

I think this wiki page should be updated with a digital camcorder entry:
Hardware - openSUSE

… and I may also make reference to this here:
Video editing - openSUSE