Digital Phot Frame - which graphics application

I’ve just bought my first digital photo frame, so now I have to choose which photos to load to it, and then rescale them all to the correct size.

So I’m wondering what’s the best application to let me browse through my photos and select a subset, which I can then make a copy of.

I normally use F-Spot and I just tried selecting by using a tag, but that rapidly got tiresome using several clicks to select each picture. So then I started building up a set using ctrl-click, intending to add the tag to them all. But I got a rude shock when I right-clicked on one to rotate it and discovered that had the side-effect of deselecting all the other photos.

So, what’s the best way to do the job … ?

You can use ImageMagick from the command line to resize a batch of images to the same size but you would need to know the filenames first. I’m not aware of a GUI application which will do what you want.

User beli0135 on our forum is the developer of the package “baires - batch image resizer”. If you are looking to resize images you could try his app. URL of his post about his application is here: Baires - Batch Image Resizer