Digikam redeye correction in openSUSE 11

Hi- I installed openSUSE 11 from the KDE 4 live cd, then removed KDE 4 and added KDE 3.5x. When using digikam, there is no “Fix” menu or redeye reduction capability. Did I forget to install something (digikam, digikamimageplugins kipi-plugins, and libkipi0 are installed) that provides this menu and the associated functions? I’ve looked over the forums and Googled, but not been able to find anything out. Thanks for any assistance, Fw

It is the very first item under “enhance”.

Thanks, I was looking under digikam’s main menu. I didn’t know that you had to click on an image, go to the main menu and choose Image -> Edit, then another window would open with all of the options I was looking for. -Fw

You can set digikam to always open an image in the image editor when you click on an image.

In the menu bar, click on settings, then configure digikam, then there is a drop down menu, where you can select to open images in image editor. That is always the first setting I change in digikam.