Digikam Geotagging

I tried the localization of my photos using Digikam. What I want to do is select a position on a map displayed in a panel by digikam and automatically transfer its coordinates to the exif data of the image displayed in the adjacent panel. I tried hard using the geolocalization tab on the right sidebar as well as selecting image -> geolocalization from the menu bar. Existing position data are readily displayed by Digikam, but when I tried to add data to an image having none I failed to select a position on the map and to transfer it to the exif data of the photo.

To begin with, I am only a casual user of Digicam. Reading your post there were a few points that sprung to my mind. In no particular sequence:

  • Isn’t this a typical question about the product irrespective of the plaform it runs on in yoiur case (openSUSE), thus wouldn’t it be better to ask on a Digicam forum/web-site or the like?
  • Isn’t the EXIF supposed to show what the camera provided as metadata at the moment the picture was taken? And thus it wouldn’t it be “cheating” when you could change that data, including the Geo position?
  • Did you read anywhere that what you want is a feature of Digicam? Documentation, rumours? When I look at that Geodata pannel, it shows me a globe where I can zoom in and move, but I see no sign of any implementation of it being possible to point at a place with the mouse, let alone select such a place for anything.

The Kipi plugins manual says:

Edit Coordinates Example 8.3. Semi-automatic attributing of coordinates through map interaction

The coordinates can be set manually with this dialog. This comes in handy if there is a series of photos taken at the same location. Since the coordinates are memorized from one dialog call to another, it is as easy as clicking on OK to set the previous data to the current photo.


I am wondering where to find this dialogue.

Interesting and frustrating. The map (starting with the globe) in the panel on the right does not zoom in enough to see the detail the page on the Geolocation Editor shows. All the button below it are greyed out.

Looking with YaST > Software Management, I can see I have that Kipi plugin installed. In the Digicam Settings > Configuring Digicam there is a Kipi Plugins item, but I can not find it there. And I have like you no idea how to enter/start/use it from Digicam.

As said above, frustrating.

Did you try at http://forum.kde.org/, more specialy at http://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=255&sid=e34aebc032142458744dafb7198585ff ?

It’s even more fustrating;

  • one post in the KDE forums says: Digikam already does this, see http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=88&t=81240

  • when I used Geotag (http://geotag.sourceforge.net) to add the position to a photo, Digikam displayed the added EXIF data in the Metadata tab, but display of the location did not work in the Geolocation tab. On the other hand, pictures with camera generated position data were correctly displayed in Geolocation tab. I am unable to find out, what makes the difference.

After some heavy searching i found the solution: http://userbase.kde.org/Digikam/Geotagging_in_digiKam_2.0

That thread is a biot vague to me, without any details.

I realy think you must try to start a thread there. IMHO better chances then here
I, for that matter have no camera adding locations to pics, thus I can not do usefull testing/debugging. Of course there might be one or more people using these kind of things, but again IMHO you have a better chance finding people who use and understand Digicam in that Digicam forum.

I missed this post.

That is a good find!. It works also here. Congratulations

(I hope to remember when i might need it in the future ;))