digiKam exports to facebook?


recently digiKam has released a kipi plugin that allows for facebook export! see it here:
Kipi-plugins 0.2.0-beta6 for KDE4 released | digiKam - Photo Management Program

but unfortunately it is for KDE 4. is there anyway to run it under 3.5? i have openSUSE 11.0 here.


ps: fool reason: i have KDE 4 installed and it’s quiet fantastic, a work of art, but unstable!! does anybody know how to fix that? i will definitely love the colors !

The latest 4.2 rc1 is much better than earlier versions.
You can get it by adding the factory repos here
More info here


thanks. i installed KDE 4.2 rc1 and it’s up and running. * the problem is when i verify my system i get:

kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.0-74.2.i586 requires kde4-kio_sysinfo-branding = 11.0, but this requirement cannot be provided

kdebase4-workspace-4.1.96-170.3.i586 requires kdebase4-runtime >= 4.1.96, but this requirement cannot be provided

also some fonts seem to be missed, and ktorrent does not work.

any idea how to fix this ? what repos shall i add to YaST?*