digikam does not display iPhone 6s photos -> no download possible

I also have this problem on opensuse 13.1 that i try to replace .

It used to work but it doesn’t work anymore.

When i opened the plugged iPhone with Digikam i could see a window with pictures and videos thumbnails that i could choose and download.
But now, no more thumbnails in this window .

Is there an update for libimobiledevice that i should do, maybe ?

FWIW, i discovered that using the latest libimobiledevice6 from the hardware repository solved my problems and i can now download photos on my 42.2

(before it crashed for maybe another reason : https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/523679-system-hangs-and-then-reboots-to-CLI-snapshot-is-full-how-to-recue )

And i have to add that in order to have a full access to the iphone you have to pair the device with cli command :

idevicepair pair 

Then you just have to accept the trust dialog on the screen of the iphone.

And the iphone photos can be browsed with digikam !

Alternatively, does “KDE Connect” enable the connection to the iPhone?

  • With or without the newest version of “libimobiledevice6”?

You may consider raising a Bug report against the Leap 42.2 Release Motes to ensure that you experience doesn’t get lost.

Maybe this would help?

Btw, an official update with that updated libgphoto2 is planned for 42.2.

Great !
When is this update planned ?

No idea.
Marcus Meissner wrote that he is going to do an update with the next libgphoto2 release.

You can install a fixed package from the given link though: