digiKam batch renaming

I’ve really grown to like digiKam’s ability to manage my photo and video collection. It’s not the most intuitive program at times, but with a little effort, it gets the job done rather well.

Tonight, when I used Batch->Rename Images, it renamed all the files just fine, but I can’t see them in the album anymore. When I manually navigate to the folder using Dolphin, everything is there and renamed like it’s supposed to be, but that same folder in digiKam shows as empty. digiKam doesn’t see the files after it renamed them. What’s the deal?

Did you re-import the folder

But personally I keep digikam just for my camera work and manage photos with generally with gwenview or picasa

I did that and the progress bar moved slowly along as if progress was being made. When it was done, the folder was there again, but it was still empty. When I try to import individual pictures from that folder, the import screen is empty.

Yet when I navigate to this folder with Dolphin, all files are there and everything is fine. Wierd.


I figured out what the problem was. I noticed that when the files got renamed, it didn’t add the .jpg suffix at the end of each filename. This caused digiKam to ignore the files thinking they weren’t photos. It’s still a little odd because Dolphin still recognized them as photos, but whatever. Point is, the problem is fixed. I can see my pictures it digiKam again.