Digikam 1.2 Suse 11.3 new install rotate image fails

Digikam will not rotate images.

Worked fine in all previous versions.

Tried installing 1.3 from this repo

Index of /repositories/KDE:/UpdatedApps/openSUSE_11.3

per this thread

opensuse - exif and gwenview

but 1.3 failed to launch.

De-installed 1.3 and re-installed 1.2 from release repos.

From reading the above thread perhaps a patch will soon be released?


Sorry for the bump but surely I’m not the only one that uses Digikam to rotate images?

I can confirm this. I even upgraded to digikam 1.3.0, but the issue is still there. Running digikam from the command line shows these suspicious messages:

QFile::setFileName: File (/tmp/kde-jpo/digikamTJ6008kipiplugin-rotate.JPG) is already opened

Confirmed. I’m using openSUSE 11.3 64bit and digikam 1.3

Update fixed this yesterday.

Digikam 1.2 now rotates photos correctly.

Thanks to the devs :slight_smile: