Digikam 1.0 Beta5


are there any plans to release Digikam Beta5 as a package?


Is there a list were I can see if its on the build service plan?

What’s up with the current release. IMO it is brilliant.

It is in here:
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/UNSTABLE:/Desktop

A lot of 3rd party packages are packaged for openSUSE by the Packman packagers. They have not packaged digikam for openSUSE since openSUSE-10.3: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket digikam

The mailing list for the Packman packagers is here: Packman Info Page

If you search on webpin: Webpin you will find some users have packaged beta3 for openSUSE-11.1, but none thus far have packaged beta5: Webpin search for digikam

Note this forum is just made up of volunteer users who support openSUSE. We are not made up of developers nor packagers, although we are fortunate to have the occasional developer and packager visit the forum, but in general IMHO that sort of visit happens only sparingly.

caf4926, I believe that links to beta3, not beta5.


Ahh , in openSUSE_Factory ! … a true cutting edge user !

I confess I never look there for packages. :slight_smile: … its too close to the edge for my conservative blood. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use it. Hence my statement:

What’s up with the current release. IMO it is brilliant.

Yes I know it’s great but in the beta5 some fixes were applied to geolocalisation and colormanagment. I think these might help me a lot
Propably it will find its way into KDE 4.3 Playground