digikam 0.10.0 No Export to Flickr (invalid frob)


I’m using digikam 0.10.0 under openSUSE 11.2/KDE4.3.

When trying to upload pictures to Flickr (i have an account and authorising the flickruploadr was successful) by using the export function I get a message saying (in German): Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten (= error …): Ungültiger Frob (=invalid frob).

Any idea

  • about the reason for this error
  • what a frob is
  • what needs to be tweaked in order to correct this




I have the same error on openSuse 11.2.

Version of digikam is 0.10.0, which is quite strange, because I’m pretty sure that there was 1.0.0 in the time of installation (3 weeks ago).

With 0.10.0 I see the same error message: “Invalid frob, cannot proceed any further”.

If you have any thoughts what could be wrong, please tell me.
(the better solution for me could be to know why there was a downgrade of digikam).

Thx for help.