Difficulties in using 3G Orange Broadband Modem Icon 225 with Opensuse 11.3

Hello everybody

I was try to gain access to internet using my USB Wireless device from Orange (model Icon 225). What I found in internet was the following post in spanish:

Orange y modem 3G Icon 225 sobre OpenSUSE 11.1 « El blog de ElectronD

Anyway, even if this post has been done for Opensuse 11.1 at the following address:

Index of /repositories/home:/NicoK:/drivers/openSUSE_11.3

There are the drivers updated for Opensuse 11.3.

What I have done is to follow the website instructions (I speak spanish and they are they easy to understand). The only difference has been that,not having at home any internet access with Opensuse 11.3, I hade to copy each file of the repository keeping the same directories structure.

Obviously I checked every file in each directory and then, using Yast ,instead to install from an URL I chose an installation from the USB memory stick.

Everything went well and when I try to lauch the connection program, the only thing I saw was the program icon jumping up and down for a while and after nothing.

I tried to repeat the process of launching the program after instersting the USB Wireless Modem, but to no avail.

I can perfectly say that:

  1. The USB Wireless Modem is working normally, because I can have Internet but with Windows Vista.

  2. Opensuse 11.3 is capable to recognise the device like a Wireless Mobile Device, but with no working driver no connection.

Did anybody try to install my same modem?

Thank you for your attention

At the end I found the solution!!!

In the following link there is every info you need to make your USB Wireless modem working (maybe not every model)

PHARscape | NetworkManager 0.7.0 and 3G WWAN Modems How-To