Different Widgets and Backgrounds for each desktop

He implies getting rid of both, taking the best features of both and incorporating them into one, but doesn’t expand on that. “Virtual Desktop Activities” ?? Who knows.

Never came back after that by the looks of it, which is a pity. Looks as though it will stay like that till it gets kicked further up the food chain and someone actually makes a decision.


I see this thread has been dormant for a few months…

I have Debian 8.3 installed on this laptop, and it has 4 virtual desktops, each with its own picture for a background.
VD4 has some games icons, VD1 has root shell, VD2 some internet icons and VD3 is just a lovely picture.

I have Leap 42.x as well on this laptop, and that is where I am typing from, with 4 VD’s all the same background.

I struggle to understand why in 13.2 I could have differing pictures and then icons to suit a theme, and Deb has it. As far as I know both are the same “KDE/Plasma” desktop.

I could very well be wrong, so can I first be guided on how to ID the desktop type etc in Leap.
It says “Desktop Settings—Plasma”, much the same as Deb I think but I need to check.

Any other details I should post?

That’s because the folk at kde.org (the KDE developer team) decided to do a major redesign.

As far as I know both are the same “KDE/Plasma” desktop.

No, they are not the same.

Opensuse 13.2, and your Debian system are both using Plasma 4. But Leap 42.1 is using the newer Plasma 5 (but with some left-over plasma 4 applications).

You may want to add your voice to the throng of people complaining about the KDE developers decisions to remove such handy features over at the KDE bugzilla. Seems the KDE people are trying to push activities over virtual desktops.


Thanks for that.

So it is a problem with OpenSuse then and not KDE, cuz if the Deb people can put a distro, 8.4 that still has the older system then surely Leap can have such a thing?

If the distro makers don’t take up and use version 5, sticking with V4, then surely that would send a bigger message to kde.org than I could manage?

Maybe I will try and moan at KDE.org then.

Confused and dissapointed, but I am grateful that there are so many people on the case.

It is a KDE problem with plasma5 You can still load KDE4 though


Thank you for ‘prompt’. I did look at doing that.

Did it, decided it wasn’t stable enough for someone as clumsy as me. Re-installed and running standard for now.