Different wallpaper across multi monitors/desktops.


I see some people wanting to have different wallpaper on different desktop or
different wallpaper on a multi monitor setup in openSUSE Leap 42.1 with plasma 5 or gnome 3. Or one wallpaper across multi monitors.

There is an alternative and is not bad at all.

The trick is just start xfdesktop and you will have the above choices.:wink:

It has been months for me, but each of my displays has a different wallpaper on Plasma 5 (https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/516814-Spring-Screenshots?p=2774185#post2774185)

I think the difference here is if you have two workspaces, when you chance your plasma desktop to another workspace it gives you the same wallpaper in all monitors.
If you run xfdesktop on top of plasma you have the convenience of having a different wallpaper in another workspace. You can also use one wallpaper stretch across multi-monitors and lastly you can make wallpaper change to a different one every certain minutes.

Oh, lastly you can access your applications using the mouse right click.:slight_smile:

Noes! Anything but being buried in context menus! :wink:

More seriously, yeah, I made a new activity just to test, and it gave both the same wallpaper. However, changing each one changed that one alone. xfdesktop is probably the only non “chop wallpaper in half and assign one half to each display” solution to spanning that I know of. Not needed if one just wants a different one on each display.