Different settings for different mice and users


I have a Laptop (Dell 420) with opensuse 11.0 and would like to set different speeds for

  1. the touchpad
  2. the trackpoint
  3. a connected USB-Mouse

Currently, I see two entries in SAX:
a) for the touchpad (equals trackpoint)
b) a connected USB-mouse
But none of that has an option for the pointer speed!

If I am logged in as a normal user, I can change the pointer speed for all mice simmultanously, but just for the current session. KDE forgets my user adjustments in the next session (bug?).

If I am logged in as root, I can adjust a common speed for all mice in the KDE control center which also changes the settings for all users and all subsequent sessions (bug?)

Thanks for your help and regards

Different users can just have their own settings. It just works.

Where can I select the option for the second and third mouse?