Different pictures in diffrent desktop

Hi, me again,

On older versions of kde (I don’t remember which) I could configure kde, so there were one picture for each desktop.

I can’t find how to do it in kde 4.2.3 (release 1) (The one I am using now). Is it possible to do it in this version of Kde ? And if is, how ?

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This is tackled way differently in KDE4. As you may or may not know your desktop isn’t really a desktop in the traditional sense. It’s actually a desktop activity. So, if you choose the normal Desktop then you can click on the cashew on the top right and choose zoom out. Then you just tell plasma to use a new desktop activity for each workspace.

It’s been implemented with the KDE 4.3 beta, but I’m not sure if it’s present in 4.2. You can try it out though.

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