Different Kernel variations


Now I’ve got debug, default, desktop, ec2, trace, vanilla, xen installed im my system. I usually only boot with desktop, and I was wondering if it is OK to remove other stuff except debug, default, and desktop.

Could anyone let me know briefly what others for?


Don’t need all those kernels. In most cases you just need desktop. Default is used for servers. You don’t need debug either unless you plan to do some debugging of the kernel.

Vanilla is unmodified version from upstream. Not all distro’s tweak the kernel a little.
Xen is needed if you plan to run a xen virtual machine.
Trace is another debugging tool in case you plan some kernel programming.
ec2 is used with Amazon cloud stuff. You setting up a cloud??

You missed realtime or RT. You don’t need the either

Of your list all you need is Desktop

I allways wonder how all those stuff gets installed on a system without the responsible person seemingly knowing what all this is for.

Every time I installed openSUSE I only got installed one kernel. I was never surprised by other kernels installing automagicaly. My conclusion: you did it yourself, for some reason. If that reason is no longer valid, remove them.

Thank you so much!

I have no idea when I installed them. When I updated my openSUSE system the new kernel had a bug regarding external mouse and keyboard, and I added kernel repo to fix it, and I guess during that process it was added.