Differences to repro? Multimedia Pack Portable for openSUSE 11.2

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Seems to me a great idea of Easgs.
A openSuse that works out of the box with mutimedia without my try-and-error proceeding and without need to connection to the internet during installation.

Are there differences to the files/programmes I can get from the repositories? Or will the result be the same if I choose the corresponding programmes and version from the named repros?


This just a multi-media pack, you need to have openSUSE installed already. It’s good work though.

Considering the “updating frequency” normal for Packman, the packages in that “multimedia-pack” will be deprecated in a few days and replaced with newer versions.

Not a problem though if one plans to use this to set up Multimedia although Packman is already activated, you will most likely double your download after a few days.

That’s why for a machine with internet access, this doesn’t really make sense.

Multimedia Pack 2010 for openSUSE 11.2 « Weblog Tecnologico

Remember this is a solution for those that doesn`t have internet at home, if you have an internet connection it would be easier for you to use the online repositories.
Recuerden que esta es una solucion para los que no cuentan con una conexion a internet en sus hogares, si Ud. cuenta con el servicio de internet se le hara mas sencillo usar los repositorios en linea.

So (with internet access while updating) it will make more sense to add the packages of the 42/44 programmes in that MPP just under Yast2>Software Manager and (if they are in both: oss and packman) choose packmann for the newer or oss for the more stable?


Hi, the multimedia Pack portable is updated every month, some programs in these online repositories are updated every week or less, if you have an internet connection just enable the packman and oss repositories, you need both because some dependencies are resolved between the two repos, if you need support for encrypted dvd enable the vlc repo and install libdvdcss, and immediately disable it, because it cause conflicts with some packages in the packman repo, remember also that you don’t need to install all the programs in the MMP, just the ones you need/like, at the end of this site Multimedia Pack Portable for openSUSE 11.2 « Weblog Tecnologico there are suggestions of the programs contained in the MMP that you may use for different purposes, but you can install them from the online repositories as well if you have internet, because these are the same programs but more updated (probably).

Note: Don’t enable every repository you find in the web, because it is a call for problems and conflicts, just be carefully with what you install and from where you do it.