Differences in firewall zones

Hi All.
Can anyone fill me in on what is the difference between the “apparently similar” zones available for the firewall? ie in particular, what is the difference between : internal / trusted / home?
I am trying to connect to DLNA sources on my internal network, and it doesn’t seem to matter which zone I put my wifi in, I still cannot connect to the various media servers unless I actually disable the firewall… Surely if it is a "trusted (generic - ie trusted/home/internal network), these sources shouldn’t be blocked by default?
I know I can individually add ports for various services, but for some (DLNA in particular??), this i also a bit of a puzzle…


Caveat: I have no experience of DLNA and am guessing.

Firewall zones are just a set of pre-named rules that can be configured to suit yourself.
Configure your WiFi network to use a zone (by default it will be “public”

YaST > Security and Users > Firewall
select the zone you are using.
scroll down the list of “Services”.
select “upnp-client” and add it to the “Allowed” list.

Let us know what happens.