Difference in the way Dolphin and Kate use fish://

Hi everyone,

I’m using ‘fish’ protocol quite a bit in my everyday work and ever since I switched to KDE 4, I noticed something peculiar. It seems that the way in which Dolphin and other KDE applications (I will use Kate as an example) use the ‘fish’ protocol in a slightly different way. The most noticeable difference is the following; when you connect to a remote machine and start browsing using Dolphin, it would take a long time to open individual directories, as if Dolphin was making a new connection for every directory that you haven’t yet opened. Kate, on the other hand, is much faster and opens directories almost immediately, as if it was using only one ssh connection.

To see if my suspicions were correct, I ssh’ed to a remote machine and started ‘top’ to monitor the running processes. Then I fired up Kate, connected to the same remote machine, and started browsing around. The only additional processes I saw running were ‘sssh’, ‘perl’, and 2 instances of ‘sh’. As soon as I closed Kate, these 4 processes were quit as well. With Dolphin, on the other hand, things were a bit different. It’s would usually start 2 instances ‘sshd’ and ‘perl’, and 4 instances of ‘sh’, and when would open a directory, some of these processes would quit and quickly restart again. Sometimes there would be an additional multiplication of these precesses, and most importantly, when I would close Dolphin, these processes would keep running for the next 2 or 3 minutes. If I then decided to connect using Dolphin again, sometimes it would start a completely new set of processes so I would end up with an entire forest of ‘sssh’, ‘sh’ and ‘perl’ processes on the remote machine. So in the meantime, I’m using Konqueror as my file manager for files on remote machines since it does not seems to suffer from the same problems Dolphin does, i.e., it still behaves as it did in KDE 3.5.

Did anybody else notice something similar? I’m using KDE 4.3.1, release 169.

Thank you.

I agree with your findings and is only one of a hundred reasons to Not use or even like dolphin!


What’s the point of digging up an old thread like this?

Pointless. Useless.