difference from openSUSE and SUSE? if any??

I want to install the regular version of SUSE linux on my computer but I downloaded an .iso torrent and burned it onto 1 CD (CD not a DVD!). but for some reason when the computer boots with that disk it doesn’t give me any installation options, it just has a memory check and a couple other things not related to installing Linux. The iso I downloaded was only around 700MB, was this the live version, the one that requires you to keep the CD in the drive and the os runs off the CD> I dont want that version. Where do I find the regular version of SUSE Linux I am so frustrated right now, I spent all day yesterday looking for this. Can anyone help

You did not even tell us what you downloaded. openSUSE is here Software.openSUSE.org

hcvv wrote:
> You did not even tell us what you downloaded. openSUSE is here
> ‘Software.openSUSE.org’ (http://software.opensuse.org/)

and Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) is here:

which do you want? openSUSE 11.1, or the commercial SUSE 11 (SLED)??

Andy Sipowicz

If you have downloaded either the KDE or Gnome openSUSE Live CDs, there is an installation icon on the desktop.

If there is no installation icon, then you have downloaded the wrong iso.

There is no ‘regular’ distribution; SUSE provides separate server and desktop distributions for enterprise customers and openSUSE provides separate KDE and Gnome distributions for community users as well as a DVD which includes further options.

Linux is about choice; you need to try the various options and decide which meets your needs.