Difference between zypper up & zypper dup?

Hello, Guys

I got a little question about zypper here. When I run zypper up and there is nothing to do. However when I run zypper dup, it shows me several upgrades. So I am just wondering whats the difference between these two command options? I checked zypper manual, but it only give brief explanation. So is it safe to use dup for normal update or upgrade?


Well…the -dup option uses a different algorithm, but out of curiousity what happens when you run -up with this option:

zypper up --type package

Thanks for the info, however is it possible to explain it more detailed?

zypper needs “rug compatibility mode” so some/one of the following:
#zypper -r up
#zypper -r lu

dup upgrades a lot of different packages, and may remove some too. Designed to better upgrade a full “distribution” (hence “d”)