Difference between Leap install and Leap upgrade logins

I upgraded a 13.1 system to leap 42.1. At login it shows the user list, a user entry field, and a password entry field. This is the behavior I want. I then did a clean install of leap 42.1 on a new disk. At login it showed the user list and the password entry field but no user entry field. I don’t want this behavior.

The clean install system showed display manager as sddm and window manager as plasma5. The upgraded 13.1 system showed display manager as kdm and window manager as kde-plasma. I changed the clean install system to match these settings, but on reboot there was no change in the login screen. What do I need to do to get the clean install system to show a userid entry field like the upgrade system?


Switch to kdm from sddm though I think you can change sddm to what you wnat in configure desktop settings. Perhaps change themes

I did change the clean install display manager to kdm and the window manager to kde-plasma so it matches the upgraded version. It made no change.

Going the other way, I haven’t found anything to add to sddm.conf that makes it display a user entry field.

You changed it in the yast-/et/config editor?

Should be a login screen settings in configure desktop

That may require installing “kdm”. I don’t think that’s part of a standard install. It is in the repos, and it will be there on an upgrade from an earlier release. But it might not be there with a standard Leap install.

Yes, I changed it in Yast

And of course you need to install kdm first.
It is not installed by default…

You can make sddm display a user input field if you switch to a different theme. (Configure Desktop->Startup and Shutdown->Login Screen (SDDM))
Or set e.g. “Current=maui” in /etc/sddm.conf (in the “[Theme]” section).

Btw, switching the window manager to “kde-plasma” is useless. That is exactly the same as the default “plasma5”, and is just there for compatibility.

You’re right, it wasn’t installed by deafualt. However, I just installed it and rebooted, and still no user entry field.

Then you didn’t switch to kdm correctly.
(if you would have, you would have gotten xdm before which does have a text input field only)

Set DISPLAYMANAGER=“kdm” in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager (modify the existing line, don’t create a new one).

That is the way I did it, by selecting from the dropdown. However, I just checked ita again and it was back to sddm. Suspecting the KDM install might have reset it, I set it again and rebooted. This time it worked!


I was suggesting to edit the file directly in a text editor.

However, I just checked ita again and it was back to sddm. Suspecting the KDM install might have reset it

It doesn’t.
And as mentioned, it must have still been sddm at the time you installed kdm, because otherwise you would have gotten xdm as login screen, which is used as fallback if the configured one cannot be started. IOW, if that line is set to “kdm” and kdm is not installed, you get xdm instead.

Maybe Yast recognized that kdm is not available and therefore did not save it? No idea if that’s the case.
Or you did something wrong…

Anyway, doesn’t matter if it’s working now. :wink: