Difference between DVD and Netinstall images

If the DVD installer now downloads all packages online from the repositories if network is configured, then what’s the difference respect to the Netinstall image?
(And I say “now” because IIRC DVD installer didn’t do this until some few releases ago)

The installation procedure for each one is identical, just except that Netinstall obviously first checks for network and online repositories.
But if DVD can also connect to online repositories anyway, wouldn’t it be pointless to have 2 “redundant” image options?

When you provide a network connection to the online repos during installation, the newer versions of packages that are on the Update repos will be installed rather then the version on the DVD. That spares you the running of a zypper patch (or zypper up when you prefer), direct after the installation.

Naturally, ight after release of an openSUSE DVD there will not be much to install over the network from the Update repos. But the number of packages in the Update repos will grow over time.

I already understood all of that, but thanks for reminding it.

But still, DVD install now does what Netinstall does when provided a network connection. Isn’t it pointless to have 2 “redundant” image options?
Or am I missing/misunderstanding something?

Hm, I just vaguely remembered that the idea is that getting it from the net might be quicker then reading from the DVD.

Maybe others can confirm or come with a much better explanation.

E.g if you only need a server it is not necessary to have all the GUI stuff etc. on the DVD.

I always do a zypper up / zypper dup (Leap / TW) after first boot. Frequently a large number of updates for a fresh netinstall. No idea why…

Early in the install, there’s a screen which asks if you want to use the online repos. I always say “No”, because I prefer a quick install first and then update later.

(And I say “now” because IIRC DVD installer didn’t do this until some few releases ago)

The option to use online repos has been there for as long as I can remember. However, until recently, the default was to not use online repos.

If DVD works both as offline and online installer, is there a point in keeping the Netinstall image?

Alternative for pxe installs locally with the likes of RMT running and having a local repository… pop the DVD in a system, use the net install on others to talk to the DVD etc…

I have not found that using online repositories necessarily installs newer packages. But you do gain access to a much larger repository of available packages than what can fit on a DVD. In other words, just because online repositories are online the installation repos by default won’t install latest packages. This means that unless you include the Update repository, you need to run a system update after your installation to be certain you’re updated… even if you used online repositories for your installation.

The Net install is a small download, typically about 1/8 the size of DVD.
For those who prefer the smaller download but without the repair capabilities and offline install option of the DVD, the Net install is preferred.


It depends on your download speed and relaibility of the link. With high download speed and reliable connection I prefer the netinstall. If download speed is low and errors occur I prefer the DVD iso.