Difference between directories mozilla and mozilla: ?

Warning! This is a dummy’s question!

I already tried to read the OBS documentation, but did not understand much…

What is the difference between what’s in
Index of /repositories/Education
and in
Index of /repositories/Education:
(mind the column at the end)
In fact the question could also be between
Index of /repositories/mozilla
Index of /repositories/mozilla:
or any such pair

Which one should a normal opensuse user just wanting to have the latest versions use as a repo for yast ?

You would use this
Index of /repositories/Education

Index of /repositories/mozilla

The contents explain themselves, just drill down the directory, you’ll see.

I already did it, before posting this thread, on some pair examples.
I saw that directories with a column tend to contain not only versions for opensuse but also for other distros, while directories without columns tend to contain only packages for the various versions of opensuse.
However I also saw that the latest version (for opensuse 11.1, say) was not necessarily in subdirectories of the directory with a column but also sometimes in the 11.1 subdirectory of the directory without column, so that it is not clear for me which one is most appropriate from a user’s point of view !

If the difference would be so simple as to express it in a sentence, you would have told me it instead of your answer, wouldn’t you ? (same time wasted…)
After all, we use KDE: and not KDE !..

PS: I already asked the same question in the French forum alionet and I can tell you that I am not the only one not having a clear idea of the answer!

Actually, I don’t tend to recommend their use unless essential to your requirements.
If you go to Yast - Software - Repositories
Select Community option
It will offer the correct ones.

But too many users are adding them indiscriminately and suffering as a result. :slight_smile:

  • I recognize the value of having these suggestions for community packages, however I need (for work) scientific libraries or software that are not always up to date or present in oss, nor in the opensuse Education project, so that I am interested in science or science:
  • I noticed that all of the download.opensuse.org repos recommended have a “:” column in their name (except the one for games). however in science: you find a mirror of Scientific Linux with few packages (some of them being in oss), while in science/openSUSE_11.1/x86_64/ you find much more and you also find a science/openSUSE_FACTORY repo…

I DO agree with you but not everything is in these recommended community repos…

Probably it was me that made the chrome comments. I noticed some ‘relocation’ of the chrome files where they were off by a lvl (down too far) in the hierarchy (depending upon whether you pulled CVS, tarballs, the weather, biorhythms, state of the mideast, and the time of the day :slight_smile: )…
Anyway: The cure is pretty easy. Chrome ‘should’ (or has in the past) been at the level directly under the top dir (mozilla/chrome), but if you look at that dir, you might not find the ‘makefile.in’ files that are used to make Makefiles. If you do a cvs up -Pd mozilla/chrome, you’ll wind up with ‘mozilla/mozilla/chrome’ dirs which actually have all the right stuff, so if you get those, do a delete on the mozilla/chrome directory (the dysfunctional one at the high level) and move the mozilla/mozilla/chrome dir to the highest level.
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