Did you buy openSUSE/merchandise?

This could be interesting. How many of you paid/donated to openSUSE? It’s completely free and legal to download, will people still pay for it?

Why did you do as you did?

Not yet… But I am eyeing up a Geeko T-shirt. :wink:

Have bought Tee shirt and coffee mug from the on line store, also bought OpenSuse 11.1 box(just for the free torch).

I didn’t pay or donate. But then again I don’t even have a bank accountlol!

The only two things holding me from buying opensuse is:

  1. No local retailer here in Panamá
  2. I want to wait to for 11.2 to be released.

I’ve bought SUSE/openSUSE for many years (since 4.x). I also own SUSE/openSUSE merchandise (though it’s very limited in the USA) and I contribute to openSUSE.

There wasn’t a button for all of that…

Can I count customers whom I encourage to buy a box set if I install it for them?

I bought a sweatshirt and a t-shirt awhile back :wink: Although my wife kinda stole the sweatshirt :\

  • fbsduser wrote, On 07/23/2009 07:36 PM:
    > The only two things holding me from buying opensuse is:
    > 1) No local retailer here in Panamá

Online stores?


I think the option “I donated to openSUSE” is meaningless without further explanation. To my knowledge there is no way to donate “money” to openSUSE, other than buying a product. One can denote “time” in support (such as providing support on IRC chat, or on this or other openSUSE forums, or in updating a wiki, or in testing a milestone release, … etc … ) but without an explanation, the “I donated to openSUSE” is misleading and imho denigrates the results of the poll.

Edit - also - since the options are not mutually exclusive, there should be a way to vote for more than one.

I have paid for SuSE in the past. 9.1 in 2004 after I wanted something a little easier than Slackware for the main family machine. At the time we didn’t have a great connection and SuSE was very cheap, about £29.99 or something. It came with some stickers and a really good manual.

If that counts then I’ve donated by trying to help in the HCL & the forums when & where I can.

Don’t have a credit card (I’m a student).

(Alltid lika lätt att vara efterklok:P) . That would probably be better but I can’t change that now I’m afraid. It would have been better if you said this a bit earlier. I don’t want to reset the poll when it already has 18 votes:(