Did kernel-default 5.17~rc7 accidentally get pushed to Kernel:stable/Backports/standard ?

I maintain a few out-of-tree device drivers so my dev/test machine pulls its kernel from Kernel:stable/Backports/standard so that I don’t get completely blindsided if an API changes. This normally means that new kernel updates get installed every few days. Today I’d realized that no new kernels had been installed in a while so I took a closer look.

According to my zypper logs, the last kernel update occurred on March 7 when machine installed packages for 5.17~rc7-lp153.2.1.g04b7727 from Kernel:stable.

When manually browsing that repo today, 5.17.* is gone and, instead, 5.16.15-xxxx is there with today’s timestamp.

Question: Was 5.17~rc7 pushed to the stable repo by mistake and then removed?

I don’t know whether that was a mistake. In some sense, that is an experimental repo.

I did notice a 5.17-rc kernel there maybe a week or so back. I may have even installed it briefly on Leap 15.4 Beta. But I have gone back to the released (and broken) 5.14 kernel. A day or two after that, that kernel repo was back to a 5.16 kernel. So maybe some of the test for 5.17 did not work out well.

My practice – if I install a kernel from there, I then disable that repo. I do not leave it permanently enabled.

5.17~rc7-lp153.2.1.g04b7727 from Kernel:stable.

That was a problem with a script, delete this Kernel.
kernel:stable is on kernel 5.16.

Thanks. I completely missed the fact that 5.17 shouldn’t have appeared there in the first place. I’ll get rid of it.