Did i mess up Tumbleweed?

Hey I have been using zypper update for a while now and i have just read in the forum somewhere you shouldn’t do that. Is there a way to fix my computer or should i just cross my fingers and just do zypper dup’s from now on instead?

Just do zypper dup.

… and if zypper dup throws any conflicts you’re unsure of, ask here before proceeding.

alright thanks will do.

Hey am I aloud to zypper update certain files or will that mess things up to?

Yes, you are allowed. If you only want to update a few packages, then “zypper update” is a reasonable way to do that. When you next do a full “zypper dup” that will fix any issues you might have caused.

Hey when I zypper dup and it says i should restart processes do I have to restart them or can i just keep running them without messing up the next zypper dup? cause i dup every day and have to reboot every day but i sually leave my computer running and don’t want to restart that frequently.

Do you check with zypper ps -s? Some system ones I restart, but don’t reboot all the time, some just require user application restart or logout/login. As the admin, your call :wink:

yes i check zypper ps -s but can i just not restart programs or will it break something?

Well if show as deleted, then I would restart those, if not really sure…reboot is probably a good idea…