did i just fry my other os?

I have gparted on my system and i have opensolaris running in one partition. I loaded Suse on another partition but now I don get my grub menu so i can select my boot image.

How can i get back to my opensolaris to put suse in the grub menu?

I also plan on loading redhat on this system.


i booted from my gparted cd and the partitions are still there. Now the question is how to get back to a boot option on them…

So I booted into safe mode and i notice grub is used here too. I am guessing i have to change the menu.lst file. But what if I want to use my opensolaris grub menu? How do I not make suse the default boot/grub loader?

I tired this in the menu.lst but it gave an error

title Boot OpenSolaris
rootnotify (hd0)
chainloader +1

This is what my solaris menu.lst had in it. However it wont boot.

I removed the suse partition and now i get

GRUB Loading stage1.5.
GRUB loading , please wait
Error 22

i gave up after trying several things and reloaded the original OS. will try this later