Did I hear right? KDE 4.4 released today.

Just wondering if I understand correctly. The official stable release of KDE 4.4.0 is out today, not a release candidate. Right?

How long until it will be in the KDE4 stable desktop repo?

Or do I need to be looking somewhere else?

From what I understand, it won’t be “RELEASED” released until it comes out in 11.3, so it won’t go to the Stable repo, but it is available in the Factory repo.

Great, thanks. I’ll take a look there.

This couldn’t be better timing for me. I just ordered a new hard drive for my laptop. I can try 4.4 out and if it’s a no go, so what, this hd is about to be retired anyway.

Hopefully, it will be even more stable than before. I still get Plasma crashes in 4.3.5.