Did everything install correctly?

Hi, I just installed OpenSUSE 13.2 on my Toshiba laptop. I know nothing of Linux, and I’m wondering if everything installed OK. Is there a way to check to see if all drivers for all the hardware was installed OK etc?


Welcome to Linux. The openSUSE installer will have installed all the drivers you need for hardware that you had connected during the install. If, for example, you did not have a printer plugged in, it will not have the drivers installed. If you have an HP printer, you need to use YaST>Software management to install hplip to make the full features of the printer available (if you have an HP printer attached and switched on during the installation, the installer will do this for you).

The openSUSE installer only installs genuine open source software. So you will not be able to use videos etc which rely on proprietary formats; but if you go to the Multimedia forum you will find a link to a page which will install these for you.

The installer will only have installed a basic range of software to cover your needs; the openSUSE repositories hold many more programs. If you hear about a program, you think you might need, go first to YaST>Software management to find and install it. If you cannot find it there, go to http://software.opensuse.org/132/en and search for it there. If you find it, it will be because it is in a repository you do not have installed and installing that program will add its repository to your list. Do not think of adding every repository - therein lies madness. Just let openSUSE add the repositories for the programs you need that are not already in your list of repositories.

And, above all, enjoy!

Thanks, I have a wireless keyboard that didn’t work when I plugged it in (I expected the drivers to automatically install). I guess I needed to reboot the laptop with the dongle connected?

This is not Windows. You don’t have to install drivers for every piece of hardware you connect, when you connect it.

All hardware drivers (well, most at least) are included in the standard kernel package, and are loaded as needed. Normally, if you connect something via USB it should work immediately.

I hope I do understand you correctly? The keyboard works now after a reboot?
Well, in the case of the keyboard, Xorg might not have been aware that you now want to use the other keyboard suddenly. So this might be the reason you had to reboot (although logging out and in again should have worked as well I suppose).

It should have …:?

Try plugging it into a different port.

Also, did you try pressing the connect button on the receiver and the keyboard?

Yes it works fine, I just had to reboot with the dongle in. Thanks.