dial up

i have a major problem just downloaded opensuse and can’t seem to find out a way to connect to my dial up connection am fairly new to the operating system;):wink:

I think kinternet is the app to use But>
Try this
Bryan technical world: Configure a internet connection through kppp for dial-up modem

Hopefully you have a Serial Modem or Controller based one. If Win Modem you are out of luck. Being a fellow Dial up user, I found after installing Kinternet you also need to enable smpppd in YaST> System>System Services/Runlevel (I also had to reinstall smpppd in my computer for some reason though not a family members computer when setting up Dialup, who knows?), Configure your Modem in Yast>Network devices, give user access when doing this. I also found when starting up Kinternet I had to remove the Domains in the Kinternet>Various Setting>DNS check (right click on Kinternet tray icon to get the Settings. (I run 11.0 but I imagine very similar in 11.1)